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Our screen printed items are designed and tested to have a print that can last for years, since the ink is fixed ‘into’ the shirts and not on them (like with foil transfers). However, it is recommended to treat your screen printed t-shirts with care to ensure the print quality.

ALWAYS wash inside out for the first 2 washes of your new Empire Seven garment, wash by hand in cold water. With newer machines you can wash them on the delicate or gentle cycle with cold warter and normal or lower spin ratio.

Use low temp washing program only AT ALL TIMES (we recommend a 86 degrees maximum)

NEVER tumble dry t-shirts with screen prints if you want your design to last, we highly recommend or almost insist on hang drying any of your screen printed garments for longevity.

Reduce wringles and color fading by Ironing your Empire Seven shirts inside.

Premium Apparel specific: Any items which adorn thermal film or layers into their designs must never be ironed and always washed in cold temperatures as otherwise you may cause the graphic to loosen from the garment or fall off all together.

Beware; when washing your light colored garment prints they will always fade a little with each wash. When you wash on high temperature (and yes, 104 degrees is too hot), prints might fade more than a little. Use precaution and best descretion. Our warranties do not cover improper care for your garment.