So you want to work with Empire Seven... We don't blame you it's a lot of fun!

We are currently seeking people to fill the following positions.

TERRITORY SALES: This individual person will be responsible for their designated terrioty based on their national geographical location. Duties include but not limited to keeping tabs on retail sales at our store dealer locations as well as consistent inventory and working with the dealer's and their employee's to ensure we are offering the best product possible for our customers. In this position you will also be responsible for acquiring new retailer dealers within your terriotry. Establishing a friendship with them and their customers to ensure the best possible product reach.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: This individual is responsible for helping us maintaing graphic design work in both post and print production for our various marketing. This is included but not limited to flyer design, graphics for web and the like. Interest in motorsports is a plus.

LOGO DESIGN: We are always looking for talented people to help us raise the bar on our designs. If you think you have what it takes and you have knowledge in basic computer architecture programs such as photoshop, coral, illustrator and the like then we want to hear from you. We work on contract basis until the designer has proven themselves for potential full time positions.

EVENTS: Events are nothing new to Empire Seven as we hold more events alone than any other clothing company in the country and we are proud of it. We are always looking for fun and energetic show staff to help us with our events. If you think you have what it takes to join our team we want to know about it!

If you think you have what it takes in your field of work that could be an asset to us don't hesitate to drop us a line as we are the first to admit it no great company can work with just one individual. Drop us a line with your ideas and how you can help and let's see where it goes!

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